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Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekly Update

Man, life has been crazy. I always think to myself, "When my tour is over, I'll finally get some peace." But it just ain't so. We've had guests visiting non stop, which has been a lot of fun. I'm thinking of re-naming our house "The Weed Inn."

The radio show has been a little kooky. My station, AM 760, has a contract with the University of Colorado to broadcast their football games on a lot of Sundays. This means my radio show, Women on Top, gets bumped. Annoying, but we'll survive. Check the WOT website for more details and listen to podcasts.

In other news, there's some major growth happening. I'm hiring for two positions: an Events Coordinator and a Production Intern. If you'd like the full job description, send an e-mail to In addition to growing our team, we have also moved into a new office and it's gorgeous. I'll be shooting some videos there soon so you can check it out. It's modern and funky with a cyber cafe. It's almost like going to work at Ikea.

Finally, I'm using the holidays to start planning for some BIG expansion ideas for '08...and I've also begun writing my second book "Teens Fight Back!" Game on. Stay tuned.

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