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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Women on Top Radio Premiere!

Today was a HUGE day, and a HUGE milestone. I hosted the first episode of my radio show, "Women on Top Radio." Let me tell you, I was nervous. And it takes a lot to scare a professional speaker, since we do for a living what most people fear more than death. But there's something about sitting in a real live AM talk studio with a mic in front of your face, and realizing that many, many thousands of people are listening to you across the country. It can really freak you out, so I just pretended that nobody was really listening. That seemed to do the trick. A huge thanks to my production team, Juliet Noory and well as my stellar guests Andrea Mosby and Gwenn Barringer. We had an incredible discussion about AIDS and HIV education.

If you couldn't listen today, no problemo! We already have the podcast edited and ready for listening. CLICK HERE to listen to the show. And if you can, tune in to AM 760 next Sunday at 2pm MST for another hour o' girlpower. If you don't live near Colorado, listen streaming live on the internet at

Now I'm gonna go celebrate.

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