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Friday, November 23, 2007

Giving Thanks

All day yesterday I was a cooking machine...but don't be fooled, I was also doing a lot of thinking and a lot of thanking. Here were a few things that crossed my mind...

I am so blessed with a great family and lovely in-laws who support me in all the crazy things I do. I give an extra special thanks to my brother Andrew who is currently at Marine Corps. Sniper School in California, and heads to Iraq on January 1st. Much love and ongoing appreciation to the McNamara family. A huge thanks to my biz coach, Greg Walker, who has let me borrow his confidence in taking some big steps for GFB. I am also so thankful for my fellow warriorettes fighting the good fight. Thanks to my friends at AM 760 for getting the radio show off to a rockin' good start. And to my GFB staff, you all rock like Spock. If you're reading this blog, chances are you're a big fan and supporter so I say THANK YOU for sticking behind us. Very good things are to come...

Other random things I am thankful for: Puma sneakers, Hampton Inns, gebera daisies, wi-fi, angels, flannel sheets, people who say "okie-dokie", in-flight movies, funky satchels, snowcapped mountains, VW beetles, sleep, the new Alicia Keys album, strong coffee, pugs and gas fireplaces.

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