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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Connecticut Teens

Last night I flew to Newark and then drove to Connecticut so I could speak to a bunch of teen girls in Greenwich this morning. I got into Newark around midnight, hopped in my rental car and was on my way, one hour east to CT. Within 15 minutes, I damn near managed to get myself and several other innocent drivers killed. It started with me driving down a one way street, then involved several near collisions on 95 North. How quickly I had forgotten how to drive in Jersey and New York City! It's like the freakin' Autobahn.

But I somehow managed to get to Greenwich safely, and spoke to the coolest teen girls ever. A huge thanks goes out to Bob Kocienda, who organized three high schools to come to the YWCA on a Saturday morning...not an easy logistical task. See me and Bob pictured above as we posed for a pic mid-program, after I put stickers on all his vulnerable spots!

As you can see above, we had some extra space and time so I whipped out some serious ground-fighting instruction. We did all sorts of kicks on the ground, and even taught them some cool techniques for pinning situations. But as always, I reminded these gorgeous teens to take a self-defense class in their area! Below I'm sandwiched in the center between all my new friends...thanks for coming out, you dangerous vixens!

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