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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tour de Maryland

Last night I spoke to an awesome crowd of men and women at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. To get there from the Baltimore Airport, I had to cross the biggest, longest, highest, scariest bridge ever! It was exhilarating. Do you ever drive over a bridge and wonder what would happen if you sneezed or something, and busted into the guard rail? Anywho, we had some good times, then it was back in the car to drive to Annapolis, MD.

This morning I woke up at the crack o' dawn to drive an hour south to speak at Huntingtown High School. An incredible woman named Dena Radosevic is the Photography teacher there, and has been trying for YEARS to bring me to the school. But due to my insane schedule, we were just not able to work it out until now. See me pictured above with a bunch of fabulous teens, who helped organize the event. And we certainly needed the help, because this auditorium was JAM PACKED. The funny thing about speaking to teens is that they are programmed to hate anyone who steps up on stage. As a speaker, you immediately begin with "uncool" status, and you have to work hard to get them on your side. (Note: this profession is not for those still scarred from high school cafeteria tauntings) The power of GFB won these gals over, and by the end one of my hecklers shouted at me, "Hey! Nice job lady!" Lady? Is that what people will start calling me now that I'm 30? Disturbing.

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