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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween in Chicago

I flew in to Chicago yesterday, and attended a fun gathering at some dive on Clark St. near Wrigley Field hosted by our friend from college. People seemed to really get into the whole costume thing this year. I've never seen so many grown men dressed as Care Bears. What's up with that? As you can see from the picture above, my friends and I whooped it up. Tommy is a British Knight or something, Neal is a crocodile hunter, KatyO is Princess Lea and I'm wearing a fabulous, vintage onesie green leisure suit. I whipped it out from my college days, and it's so comfortable. And the beautiful thing about polyester is that when people spill on you, the liquid just beads up and falls on the ground. No stains, no dribbles! I should wear polyester more often. KatyO thought her Lea wig was too itchy, so I wore it for a majority of the evening. Complete strangers were coming up to me and were like, "What ARE you?" And I responded that I was a Charlie's Angel...Kate Jackson to be exact. I know, it's not remotely cool or funny. But I just really wanted to wear that green leisure suit again. Mission accomplished.

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