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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Meet Kris Carr

Warning, you are about to meet the coolest chick alive! Last night I flew back into Denver, and had a getaway car arranged to whisk me off to the Tattered Cover bookstore so I could see Kris Carr speak. She is a 36 year old cancer survivor, documentary producer and author. Here's the short version of the story: On Valentines Day in 2003 Kris was told she had incurable Stage 4 cancer. There is no Stage 5. She was told to just watch and wait, but at 31, who can do that? Instead, Kris forges a journey of learning and discovery of finding her own "cure" in a holistic way. From becoming a "juicing queen" to studying at a Zen monastary, Kris tries it all. Her documentary aired on TLC last week, and will be available on DVD in 2008. Her book, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, is now available in bookstores nationwide.

I was very touched by this inspirational gal for a multitude of reasons. I lost a very dear friend named Julie Frichtl to breast cancer in 2003. My mother in law has been battling cancer since last September and my very good friend Tracy Maxwell is a survivor of ovarian cancer. I've come to learn quite a lot about treatment, side effects and how cancer affects the spirit and the soul. Many of my friends have said that strangely enough, cancer is a gift. As Kris writes on her website, "Why, when we are challenged to survive, do we give ourselves permission to really live?"

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