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Friday, September 21, 2007

Old Dominion University - Norfolk, VA

I pride myself on being on time, and never getting lost. Between good advance planning and my GPS, both these things are usually possible. But I royally messed things up yesterday, walking into the room at 7pm...when the speaking time was scheduled for 7pm! I was so incredibly lost, it was unbelievable. So when I finally arrived after one hour and forty minutes in the car, I ran to the bathroom (damn near peed my pants), we put up my powerpoint presentation and I pretty much jumped on stage out of breath. But it's funny, having all that adrenaline in my veins gave a new twist to the "Bad Victim" program, and I have to say I really dug it! This crowd was amazing...a bunch of men and women from all walks of campus life. See me signing LOTS of books after the program, along with a pic of the Alpha Phi chapter on campus and the staff of the women's center who organized the event. Special thanks to Gretchen (for directions!) and Alexa Priddy who put it all together. And by the way, it only took me 10 minutes to drive back to my hotel. How the hell did I get so lost on the way there??? What's wrong with me?

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