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Friday, September 07, 2007

Baylor University - Waco, TX

Yesterday I flew down to Dallas, Texas (yee haw!) to speak at Baylor University in the bustling metropolis of Waco. Before going to Waco during last year's book tour, my only knowledge of the city involved crazy cults, but I'm glad I got to visit to see it for myself. Alas, no crazy cults to be seen. However, I was accosted by a large woman in the Wal Mart parking lot who ran toward my car and slapped the windshield. I seriously had no idea what I could have done to provoke this. Glad my windows were up and doors locked securely.

But back to Baylor, which was the highlight of the trip. (as opposed to random auto assaults at the local discount superstore...) These Baylor girls rock like spock. And they even made their own shirts with the GFB motton on them: "Strong. Resilient. Spirited. Unified." You wanna know the best thing about Baylor though? Every Thursday night they serve Dr. Pepper Floats in the student union. (I was told that Dr. Pepper was actually invented in Waco.) After I finished speaking, I signed a ton 'o books and Erin brought me my very own DP Float. Quite the tasty way to end a night of whoop'ass. (See me pictured with my new Texas girlfriends while pointing at my DP Float.)

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