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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weed on the Radio

Yesterday I was the guest on Start-up Story Radio hosted by Rob McNealy on KKZN AM 760. It's a great show about entrepreneurship, and Rob invites guests to share their stories on how they started their businesses and organizations. It was an hour long show, and it literally flew by. I discussed all aspects of starting GFB, from the day Shannon died, through all my training and through the book writing process and marketing stuff. Most people don't realize how much we put into really marketing GFB, in order to make women's self defense more appealing to women. We're fighting a stigma that women who learn to fight are a bunch of man haters, so it's a challenge...but I think we're making serious headway.

Anywho, I loved every minute of my radio show appearance, as the experience brought me back to my college days when I decided to have a career in broadcast journalism of some type. (And we all see how that worked out...) But Rob and I had so much fun, he invited me back as a guest host. I'm surely taking him up on it in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Listen to Erin on 760 AM Start-up Story Radio here.

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