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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rainbow Brite & Jessica Weiner

Last night I had the opportunity to hang out with a really amazing woman named Jessica Weiner downtown Denver. As we were driving downtown, I saw the most ridiculously incredible twin rainbows! Check them out above...

But back to Jessica...She's a speaker and author - you may recognize her from being the self-esteem expert on the Tyra Banks show, or the numerous other TV segments she's shot on loving yourself and your body. She and I have admired each other's work for years, but it was only recently that the universe brought us together. She has really incredible things planned for this Fall which I'll tell you about in October, but I just wanted to make the introduction. It's so great meeting like-minded individuals about the importance of teaching women to be safe and strong. Recently I was selected to be on her team of experts for the awesome website: I will be writing about ass kicking, life balance and seeking peace. A new direction for me, but I look forward to it. More to come on my writing for that site in September...

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