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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Power of Right Now

Since I moved to Colorado, my yoga practice has kicked up about 10 notches. It's easier to be a yogi away from the madness of New York City. I have come to learn that peace is directly related to the success of many fights in life. Knowing how to breathe and to be present is half the battle in confronting life's challenges. I recently discovered a new yoga studio chain called CorePower Yoga, and I'm loving it. Halfway through the traditional class filled with lots o' down dog, you bust into a series of crazy sit-ups. Maybe someday I'll become zen AND ripped!

So last night I took the most advanced class, which was conducted in 100 degree heat. My teacher was very cool, and in our final resting pose she read us a poem. The last line hit me hard. It said, "The only thing we know for sure is the moment we are living right now." I thought this was profound, especially for people in this day and age. Sometimes it feels like we're always planning for something to happen weeks, months or years down the line. It gets overwhelming, doesn't it? So as I embark on my second Fall Tour stop in Ohio tomorrow, I plan to keep reminding myself the power of the moment...right now is the only thing we know for sure. Make your now count.

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