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Friday, July 27, 2007

Where'd my headache go?

Yesterday I visited my friends in Dallas at Toni & Guy headquarters...Toni & Guy is the parent company of last year's Fall tour sponsor, Bed Head. We're talking about teaming up for some really fun stuff...stay tuned! Check them out at:

Today I learned about two really cool things. I was attending the NWMAF conference, and decided to take a class on the Alexander Technique. I've heard of it before, but never really understood it. Right before the class, I had a massive headache, so I asked another gal in the class if she had some aspirin. She said, "I don't...but come over here." She sat me down in a chair and starting swirling her hands around my head in all these crazy movements. I was wondering if I was getting "reikied" or something. But hey, I'm open minded. Turns out she does something called "healing touch." I couldn't believe it, but after doing this for just 5 minutes my headache was completely gone. Incredible. Turns out her name is Diane and she does really incredible work in integrating self-defense and self-healing...she teaches trauma survivors how to fight back. Very cool woman.

After Diane cured me, we took the Alexander Technique class taught by Janet Gee. She was voted "Best Martial Arts Teacher" in the city of San Francisco, and was such a cool lady. Her presence reminded me a lot of the patience, zen and wisdom of Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid. The technique is all about releasing tension, aligning posture and just being in a more peaceful relaxed state overall. She had seen my presentation yesterday and singled me out a few times saying, "This could REALLY help you." I was like, "I know...I'm a total spaz."

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