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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th

Today is a day where we all think about freedom and independence. Perhaps those who think about it the most are the ones who still have a lot to lose...our service men & women in the US military and those who love them.

My little brother Andrew (see us pictured above-he's actually not so little) is a US Marine. Specifically, he's a sniper who will be going to Iraq in October. As a family, we worry a lot about his future. We're going to be chipping in to buy him some specialty armor that could save his life...but is not provided by the US Government. Andrew would never complain about this, as he is a loyal Marine to the core. But that's what all the women in his family are for...raisin' a ruckus.

So today, give some special thought and maybe a prayer if you do that sort of thing, for those who have lived, fought and died for a country that gives us freedom. Happy independence day.

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