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Monday, July 02, 2007


Today I made a big decision that will change the way my life has gone for 5 years. I decided not to re-sign my contract with the speaker's bureau, CAMPUSPEAK. It was a hard decision, one that bred some drama surrounding the situation. But at the end of the day, it is a sign of growth. I am hiring someone for Girls Fight Back so that we can really start making some real change here in Denver, and across the nation eventually. I will be introducing the Program Coordinator soon, and she will be responsible for all my bookings at schools, colleges and corporations going forward.

As with all changes and ends to special relationships, even if you know it's's still sad. Today I went for a run, and towards the end I lapped a pond near my house. Amidst a bunch of rocks and weeds stood the tallest, most in-tact dandelion I have ever seen. I stopped running and picked it...I've always been fond of the dandys, mostly because I too am a weed. I regressed back to childhood days, and attempted to blow all the little white, fuzzy seeds into the wind. Not a single seed budged. It was a rock solid dandy, and I saw some real symbolism in it, as it pertained to my life going forward. (See the cool dandy above) Perhaps you'll recognize it too by visiting my new personal website: (It's almost done, but video is coming in mid-July)

So going forward, if you'd like to bring me as a speaker to your school or business, call Girls Fight Back directly at 866-432-2423 and we'll hook it up. Much thanks and gratitude goes to CAMPUSPEAK and all my friends who have supported me there over the past 5 years.

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