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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Moment

So this morning I went for a two-mile run around my neighborhood, and I was confronted with a classic creepy van. I was running behind an elementary school, and from behind me this red and black van with black tinted windows drives past me. Of course, it slows down as it passes. (Insert creepy movie scene here.) It keeps driving, and proceeds to make two large circles in the parking lot where I'm headed. After the second loop, he drives back towards me and parks in a spot farthest from the school door, and closest to where I will have to pass him. All this goes down in seconds, and I'm thinking to myself, "This is the moment." It was the moment where some women turn around and get the hell outta there, and where some refuse to seem scared, refuse to insult the person and pretend they are not freaked out as they keep running on course.

Every woman I've ever met knows about that moment. All the possibilities that flood your brain, every horrible story you've ever heard on the news...yet at the same time, feelings of empowerment make you mad to feel this way and outraged to consider anything else but carrying on with your jog as planned. Sometimes women just don't know how to choose, how to react in that moment. So they just keep going...

I propose we get conscious about "the moments" we have in our lives. You can do this by asking yourself this simple question - why is this situation making me uncomfortable? I asked myself this question today, and here's what I came up with:
1. He's driving a very creepy van. Who would willingly drive that?
2. He just made two loops in a huge parking lot, only to come back to me. Why?
3. School is out for summer. What is he doing here?
4. Why did he park farthest from the front door and closest to me?

In doing this, I had a major realization into why women don't trust their intuition. In this case, I was clearly being contacted by it. Only issue is that all I felt I was given in regards to safety signals were not answers, they were questions! Rarely does intution say, "Hey you. See that van over there? Well that guy is gonna toss you in the trunk." Intuition doesn't roll like that. It gives YOU the power to assess and decide. And often we must decide not on what we do know, but those unanswered questions.

So if you find yourself in "the moment" and you ask yourself why you're uncomfortable, and all you can come up with is a million questions, it's time to go. Without skipping a step, I did a total 180 turn and got back on the path. When I looked back, he was standing outside of his creepy van looking at me. The best fight is the fight never's the one avoided.

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