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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kitchen Remodel?

In an effort to take some time off, I am giving myself projects that have no relation to fighting. My first project was the kitchen. It's pretty old and outdated, so my hubby and I went to this awesome appliance place and raided the scratch 'n dent section. We got 4 stainless appliances and come out under budget! So we thought we were in the clear...that is, until the fridge arrived and it wouldn't fit between the countertops. Shit. So we did the only natural thing because we love this fridge so much...we ripped out the counters to give us that extra 1/8 of an inch to make it fit! So now the fridge is happily in place, and we can see the contents of our silverware drawer at all times. It's oh so convenient.

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