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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Craptastic good luck!

I'm so psyched! I was at a festival in Boulder yesterday and out of nowhere, I feel this thud on my right shoulder. I look at my husband like, "What the hell is your problem?" And he was like, "What?" I look down only to realize that I got crapped on by a bird. My knee jerk reaction was to get mad, but then I remembered that movie "Under the Tuscan Sun." Remember the part when the lead actress (I think Diane Lane) wants to buy the villa from the old Italian lady, but the old lady keeps saying no? And then Dianne gets crapped on, and the Italian woman jumps for joy and agrees to sell it to her? Great movie. So clearly good things lie ahead...

But apparently I'm not alone. Even really important people get pooped on from time to time. If you're really, really bored you can click here and watch President Bush going through the same experience:

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