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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cal State - Long Beach, CA

Yesterday officially marked the end of my Spring speaking season. I spoke to about 100 students at Cal State during an outdoor festival celebrating multi-culturalism. It was H-O-T but I still had some brave souls whipping out some Palm-Knee-Elbow action. Good times.

After the Cal State program, I had a few free hours before my flight so I called my favorite superheroine Angela Shelton. Love this girl. She's a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and made a movie called Searching for Angela Shelton. She has spearheaded a major movement to help other survivors heal and find their strength and voices again. You might have seen her on Oprah, 48 hours or as a speaker on your campus. She's also a sought after actress...check her out in her latest movie Air Guitar Nation. We hung out at Rock Bottom Brewery downtown Long Beach, along with her awesome friend/screenwriter/producer, Abigail. It's been awhile since we had a chance to hang and swap ideas, so it was all good. Afterwards we decided to shoot some video on the streets of Long Beach, which turned out to be a pretty random experience. While we were shooting we were cat-called by an elderly man, people in the building above us were tapping on the windows as we shot, some guy came up to us and we had a conversation too bizarre to put into words and a guy on a segway breezed by while we were shooting. It was just funny and bizarre...see me and Ang pictured above on Ocean St.

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