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Thursday, April 19, 2007

University of Mississippi - Oxford, MS

Yesterday I made the long trek from Washington state down to Oxford, Mississippi to speak at Ole Miss. This was a visit I had been looking forward to for a very long time, since the event organizers were SO enthusiastic! I met so many great people, and did the How to Be A Bad Victim program to an incredibly diverse and fun crowd. After the program, I led the crowd in practicing some chants, and then we embarked on a mile long Take Back the Night march throughout the campus. (Women unite, take back the night!) All of us were marching with candles and it was just so cool and empowering. The march ended at a pavillion where a survivor of domestic violence named Sonia sang a lovely song and shared her story of surviving an escaping from a domestic violence situation. So inspiring. The mic was opened to the crowd, some of who shared their personal stories on how violence has affected their lives. It is so awesome to see students literally all over the country who are so mindful and dedicated to eradicating the violence on our campuses and in our society. It was truly a blessing to visit Ole Miss. See the pic above of me and some new friends after the candlelight march.

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