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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spokane Falls CC - Spokane, WA

Yesterday I spoke at Spokane Falls Community College in lovely Washington state. I have spoken in Spokane pretty much every spring since 2002, so it's like a staple in my year to make a visit to this place. After all the events that took place on Monday at VT, it was an especially heavy program. I began the "How to Be a Bad Victim" lunchtime session dedicating it to the community of Virginia Tech, and shared my story of being touched by the campus when I visited in October 2006. After that, we moved into the program and learned about staying safe and sound on campus and beyond. My scary bad guy was a hilarious dude named Patrick, and a huge thanks goes to everyone who brought me to campus. Pictured above are myself with the event organizers: Dr. Ann Ciasullo, Magen and Krictal. Thanks for lunch and another great visit to SFCC!

In other news, I am happy to report I received an email from the vigil organizer at Virginia Tech saying she had more than enough candles for the vigil last night. I can't believe everyone pulled it off...but it's so inspiring to know that people are willing to rise to the occasion to help others in their time of grief and need. I saw clips of the vigil on CNN, and it was lovely tribute to the lives lost...

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