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Friday, April 20, 2007

Illinois State Univ. - Bloomington, IL

Wow, last night was a total blast! I spoke to a packed auditorium at lovely ISU to a huge crowd of sorority women. A huge thanks to all the students who wanted to bring the Girls Fight Back program, as well as the Panhellenic Advisor, Lisa Westendorf. Being that I have a bunch of college friends who live in Bloomington, I know the town rather well. Therefore I was able to drop all sorts of inside jokes about "B-town" as we call it. Gotta love central Illinois humor. After the program I had the opportunity to meet up with Bobby McNamara. Bobby was Shannon's little brother, and he is an ISU grad and now working at a home for troubled adolescent boys in Bloomington. I asked him how he has coped in the six years since his sister's murder, and his response was so filled with faith and peace. He said, "As long as she is continuing to save lives through Girls Fight Back, I have peace with it." The support of the McNamara family has truly been the thing that has kept this train movin'...

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