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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Florida and Philly and Jersey...oh my!

Normally I'm pretty good about keeping the blog updated, but this past week was a total debacle. I was constantly on the go, leaving very little time to give you my latest updates on my tales from the road. So here it is, Saturday afternoon, and I finally have a free moment to bring you up to speed. Phew!

On Monday I caught a 6am flight to Jacksonville, FL. That evening I spoke at Jacksonville University, where I was booked by my fellow Alpha Phi, Chicago native, pug owner and loyal GFB fan, Kirsten Siron Young. What an awesome girl, and it was great to see her again...and also meet her fabulous students. Although the technology Gods were not smiling upon us for the microphone or powerpoint, who needs it?! We freestyled it, and the GFB program went off without a hitch. I made a lot of Facebook friends that night, and it was an honor to be there. (See me and the Jacksonville girls pictured above.) On Tuesday I flew from Florida up to New Jersey for some GFB meetings in the NYC area. On Wednesday I drove two hours south to Philadelphia to speak at St. Joseph's University. I did a GFB safety and self-defense program that afternoon, and was the keynote speaker at their annual Take Back the Night event that evening in the campus chapel. I only do these keynotes once or twice a year, and they are by far, the most difficult types of speeches that I give. Take Back the Night is usually a rally where survivors of violence, victims or co-survivors stand up and share their stories with the crowd. It's extremely powerful, totally inspiring and just overall emotional. You hear the worst of human nature in the stories, but see the best in people when these indiviudals summon the courage to come forward. It always leaves me in awe, and Wednesday at St. Joe's was no exception. A big thank you to the lovely and amazing Dr. Raquel Bergen for being such a leader in the field of sexual assualt eradication and her outstanding REPP group of assault counselors. On Thursday I drove back up to New Jersey, since last night we had a family wedding. It's was an awesome Italian Catholic extravanganza, with the nicest people who gathered for a lovely couple. (Congrats Matt and Beth!) With all the real-deal Italian last names I heard last night, it was kinda like an episode of Sopranos, but without the fear of getting whacked.

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