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Friday, March 16, 2007

Stranded in Chicago

Yesterday I flew from California to Chicago. Originally I was supposed to speak in Chi-town last night, but the college had to re-schedule for April. It was too late to change my travel, so I decided to come to Chicago anyway. It worked out well, considering it was my dad's birthday on Monday so I took him out to dinner last night to celebrate. This morning I had a lovely breakfast with Shannon's mom, Cindy McNamara. (See us pictured above.) I can honestly tell you that nothing rejuvinates me like hanging out with Cindy. From day 1, she has been so incredibly supportive of my mission with GFB. Cindy is one of the most inspiring people I know, even though she has no idea how amazing she truly is.

After breakfast I headed to O'Hare to catch my flight back to New Jersey. I was very much looking forward to going home, after being away from my hubby and pug for a week. But alas, my travel karma (and anyone else's trying to fly East) was not in working order today. I was on two flights that got cancelled, and finally they sent me home. Things are so bad, that I'm not booked on a flight until SUNDAY NIGHT! This is upsetting, since you may be already aware that I had a wild St. Patty's Day party planned for tomorrow. Sadly, we had to cancel it because of weather and my absence, and at first I was totally bummed not to be able to wear my green mullet wig. But I've decided to fight the power and try to catch a standby flight tomorrow by hanging out at O'Hare...and oh yes, I shall be wearing the green mullet wig. I will not be deterred. Stay tuned for obnoxious pics tomorrow.

In other news, I was called by the Tyra Banks show today to shoot a special on safe spring break next week in Los Angeles. Too bad it's Tuesday, and I'm already scheduled to be speaking in Arkansas. I would have loved to teach Tyra a booty guess is she'd love that sort of thing. Maybe next time. Wish me luck tomorrow, as I take on the travel Gods!

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