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Friday, March 30, 2007

Prepping for the Road Trip

Today my husband had his last day of work. He's been at the corporate job for over 11 years, and so this was a big thing to leave. When we get to Colorado, he's going to actively pursue becoming a musician on a full time basis, and I'm so supportive of that. Life is just too short not to live your dreams! Check out my hubby's myspace at:

When prepping to move cross-country, one must be quite organized. (which I am not) There are so many details to think about. Moving truck. Check. Packing. Mostly done. And most importantly, puppy tranquilizers for Zoe. This is a necessity for any 3-day road trip with a dog. So today I took her to the vet to get some pills, and I was informed that she has a weight problem and must lose 3 pounds. (See my obese pug's "before" picture. I'll post another pic once she reaches her 3 lb. weight loss goal.) Once we get to Colorado, Zoe is gonna be hittin' the treadmill. Good news is that I got the tranqs...only issue now is that our dog is quite skilled at averting from swallowing them. Should be interesting.

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