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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Miami University - Coral Gables, FL

This morning I flew from North Carolina to Miami, Florida. I love that feeling when you get off an airplane, and the air that greets you is so warm! On principle, I hit the hotel pool the moment I checked in. And of course, I sent my friends taunting emails from my BlackBerry while poolside. I couldn't help myself.

Tonight I did my first ever outdoor program at gorgeous Miami U. It was so cool to present in the fresh air, and we had a fantastic crowd. I gave the Stayin' Alive on Spring Break program, and many student athletes and peer educators were in attendance. A huge thanks to my supporters, the peer educators with Pier 21. I met a bunch of them at BACCHUS this past November, and they are the ones responsible for bringing me to campus. Pictured above are two of the student deans, the Safe Spring Break corporate sponsor and myself. Now I gotta go get myself psyched up to brave the arctic cold of Chicago sad to leave Florida behind!

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