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Saturday, March 10, 2007

High Schools & a Fundraiser

Yesterday was just non-stop fun. It started at 9am when I spoke at Maria High School on the south side of Chicago. A lovely gang of girls, that's for sure. After we finished up a little whoop-ass there, I hopped in my car and drove to West Chicago for my next program. This time I spoke to about 1,000 girls in the gym, and boy was that lovely chaos. The great news is that both programs were videotaped, so I hope to put up some clips soon to show how effective GFB is for the teen audience.

After the second program, I drove downtown Chicago for the annual Girls Fight Back for ShannonMac Fundraiser. This was the 6th year we held it, and as usual, it was a crazy success. It's almost to the point where we don't have to formally advertise it, because the loyalty and word of mouth buzz is so strong. Pictured above is myself with event organizer Kate Lotz, who did an outstanding job (as usual) putting on such a fabulous event. I'd also like to send a shout out to Tom Jenrette, a close friend of Shannon's who really stepped up things this year. He went out of his way to do publicity and even had banners and awareness bracelets made. This event is always very powerful because it's usually all the people who loved Shannon underneath one's bittersweet, but so needed once a year. And we raised lots of money that will fund free GFB books and programs for teen girls. I hope Shannon was smiling down...

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