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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Emerson College - Boston, MA

Last night I spoke to a truly outstanding group of young women in Boston, one of the most quaint and historical cities in the nation. I love going to Boston, but I always leave lots of "lost time." All the roads are windy and make zero sense whatsoever, so I approach each trip there with the certain knowledge that getting lost is not an's absolute. The event was organized by Meredith and Catherine, who were both incredibly dynamic, professional and organized students. They saw me present at the BACCHUS conference this past Fall, and since then were working to bring me to campus for Take Back the Night week. We had an awesome time, and my Scary Bad Guy was named Morgan and totally hilarious! (He was a theatre major) Afterwards we hit one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate a successful event at Rock Bottom Brewery. It's been quite a productive week...I traveled to five states, spoke to almost 1,000 people and bought a house! I am now about to board a plane back to New Jersey for some much needed R&R before taking off for my next week o' travel on Monday...

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