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Monday, March 19, 2007

Craptastic Travel Weekend

This whole weekend was by far, the most craptastic air travel display in my five year history of speaking around the nation. Seriously. I was supposed to return to New Jersey on Friday afternoon, and didn't make it home until Sunday night at 10:30 pm. I was home for a mere 16 hours before getting back on an airplane today for this week of travel. Sorry to be Debbie Downer here, but one thing I've learned about being on the road is the importance of taking care of yourself and always trying to maintain some level of balance in your life. Let's hope this week holds a bit more sanity! Wish me luck...

Oh, I almost forgot. There was an interesting highlight to this travel debacle. On Sunday afternoon I was waiting for my flight, and sitting in the Continental President's Club. (It's an airport lounge that you pay an annual fee for...mostly for very frequent travelers.) I was sitting in my plush chair, when all of a sudden a very loud talker got on the phone. He was sitting in the seat directly behind me, so I couldn't turn around and shoot him a nasty glare. (Our backs were to each other, so it would have required some major neck craning.) Well I had no moral dilemma in eavesdropping since was pretty much yelling in my ear. He was all freaked out about missing his connecting flight to Israel, and every other sentence he ended with the words, "God willing." For some reason, I knew this guy's voice, but had no idea where. Well just then, Continental announces they are calling standby, so I got up and bolted. Before leaving the lounge, however, I looked back at this mysterious loud talker. And OMG, it was Rabbi Shmuley Boteach from TLC's "Shalom in the Home!" (pictured above) His show is kinda like Super Nanny with a Jewish twist. It turned out he was totally on my flight, sitting in First Class. Under normal conditions I would ask to take a picture for this blog, but this guy was strung out. I didn't want to get my ass kicked by a rabbi. So there you have weekend ended with a D-list celebrity sighting. Hooray for me!

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