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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Albion College - Abion, MI

Yesterday I flew to Detroit and drove 1.5 hours to lovely Albion, Michigan. I drove through one of the most torrential thunderstorms to get there, but I was determined! I looked like one of those old ladies, cluthing the steering wheel and craning her neck towards the windshield. (as if this is going to make a difference...) But alas I arrived just as the weather became peaceful, and gave the How to Be a Bad Victim program in the campus chapel to about 500 students. My scary bad guy for the event was Brad, who insisted on wearing the neon stickers demonstrating his vulnerable spots through the entire program. Doesn't the photo above of me and Brad look like I'm spanking him? I think I was teaching an elbow strike, but this shot is downright questionable. So funny.
I am incredibly thankful to Staci Gunner from the women's center who organized the event. See us pictured above with the cool poster she had made to advertise the program. She's been so supportive of my work for so long, and it was awesome to finally meet her. Today I flew back to New Jersey to start saying farewell to friends and begin packing for our cross-country move to Colorado this weekend. Wish us luck...

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