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Monday, February 19, 2007

Where art thou, red luggage?

Oh red luggage, where art thou? Last I saw you, you were sitting on a little cart about to be wheeled away to security at Newark Airport. As I approached the escalator, I looked back at you with tears in my eyes. "Get it together!" I thought to myself as I fought back emotion. After all, I would be reunited with my sweet, sweet red luggage upon my arrival at Indianapolis International Airport in just a matter of hours.

But the hours have grown long, and oh red luggage, where art thou?? Seriously! The nice lady at the airport said you were lost, and it breaks my heart to think of you so cold and alone on some runway or lost baggage holding area. But was it not Fival Mouse in American Tale who so beautifully observed, "It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star."
Oh red luggage, I now have to go and speak at Indiana State University and I look like a total scrub. Within your lovely contents are all...and I mean ALL of my clothes. Let's hope I find a mall to solve my dilemma, or I'll be doing the program tonight in my scrappy Uggs.

Red luggage, find your way back to me! I need you!

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