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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

West Texas A&M - Canyon, TX

Tonight was an awesome way to kick off the spring tour at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX. Who woulda thought that in the middle of the panhandle you'd find some of the most awesome college students and staff I've ever met? Before my program at 7pm, the students organized an expo where a bunch of different organizations set up tables and had "mocktails" in an effort to encourage a safe spring break. Check out the table the "jar o' condoms." Hilarious.

They were so put together...very impressive. The program went very well and a big thanks goes to Tanner for being such a good scary bad guy. (My apologies for getting dangerously close to kicking you in the had great reflexes, by the way.) Also a huge thank you to Kelsey, the event organizer and also her jolly band of peer educators.

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