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Thursday, February 22, 2007

MGCA - Chicago, IL

Well you won't believe this, but my luggage got lost today for the second time this week! I was en route from Manchester, NH to Chicago and I had to connect in Washington DC, so that's where the debacle happened. So I get to Chicago for the MGCA conference, and I realize I only have a few hours before presenting the Stayin' Alive on Spring Break program. Gotta go find a mall and buy some new clothes! But a man named Hank saved the day. Hank works the baggage claim at O'Hare, and he made it his personal mission to track down my bags. He ended up finding them and returning them to me. So happy to be reunited with Red Luggage once more!

With luggage in hand, I headed to the annual Mid American Greek Council Association Conference. This is a great conference attended by college student leaders who are members of fraternities and sororities in the midwest. Tonight I spoke, and had a great crowd. It's so fun for us speakers to be at conferences, because it's the few times of year that speakers actually get to see each other. Tomorrow I speak again, giving the Girls Fight Back program, then onto my next conference in Pittsburgh...

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