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Saturday, January 27, 2007

MITRE & Junior League

It's been a fun few days. Often times people ask me what kinds of crowds I speak to. Yesterday and today were examples of the drastically diverse client list I have. Yesterday I spoke at MITRE, which is a government contractor in McLean, VA. Their facility is impressive, as were the extremely concerned and intelligent people I met there. Many of the 100 or so audience members were highly acclaimed scientists or engineers. Like I said, impressive! Drove back to New Jersey last night so I could speak at an event called "Know Before You Go" this morning for soon-to-be-college-freshmen in Montclair, NJ. It was sponsored by the Junior League, which were some of the most organized and dynamic ladies ever! The whole day was dedicated to educating these girls about violence before they ever step foot on a college campus. How proactive is that? I wish all teen girls could attend something like this. I sold out of books VERY quickly at this event, so my apologies to y'all who I left hangin'...but overall, a very successful event.

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