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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

See ya, 2006...and HELLO 2007! I've got to say, I can feel it in my bones this is going to be a good one. You can see me above, partaking in the the bubbly as I rang in the New Year at my friends' brownstone in Jersey City last night. All things considered, I feel remarkably good today, so I decided put my 3 main resolutions into public domain:

#1: Do a kick ass "Stayin' Alive on Spring Break" tour
Starting in February, I'm going to be traveling the country with my new college program about how to have a safe, yet fun, spring break. I'm already booked at 15 venues, so it should be pretty wild.

#2: Finish my second book, "Teens Fight Back!"
I'm very excited about this book. Reason being that so many college girls I meet have already been victimized in some way before they even set foot on a campus. Girls are dealing with grown up (and sometimes frightening) situations at a far younger age than ever before, so it's time for teens to fight back too. If all goes well, TFB will be released in Sept. '07 and followed by the TFB national book tour.

#3: Seek Peace.
I know what you're thinking...what the ??? This is a pretty big resolution for me, as I'm a pretty spastic human. For the past 5 years since Shannon was murdered, I have been going full speed ahead. My determination to keep her spirit and memory alive sometimes prevented me from appreciating this amazing journey. Women today are so overcommitted and stressed out, which can really take a toll on your health, happiness and relationships. So this year I am committed to giving myself permission to just stop sometimes, take deep breaths and find the peace that often seems hard to attain in today's world. Wish me luck in attempting to sit still as I attempt my first meditation class next week. Ommmm....
Here's wishing you a great '07. Thanks for sticking with me on this wild ride...

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