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Saturday, December 02, 2006

AFA - New Orleans

Yesterday I traveled from Detroit to New Orleans for the annual Association of Fraternity Advisors conference. This is by far, the most hilarious conference I attend every year. Picture this: a thousand Greek Affairs directors from colleges all over the nation come to one city for a long weekend to learn and kick it with their peeps. And this one was in New Orlelans, so it took the debacle level up a few notches. Each year they have what's called a speaker showcase. They selected 8 speakers (including myself this year - a huge honor) and we all had to give a 15 minute presentation that kinda summarizes what we do. This is the hardest task as a speaker, especially when your normal program is 90 minutes. But I did what I do best (a little palm-knee-knee if you know what I'm sayin') and I think the crowd really dug it. I also introduced my new gimmick, which I'll blog about later...

One of the best things about AFA this year was that I got to cross something off the "List of Things to Do Before I Die." Oh yeah, I rode the mechanical bull. It was at some bar on Bourbon Street, and when I saw it, I swear it was surrounded by a white light and angels were singing. Truly a blessed moment. I knew it would be mine! Mu ha ha ha! All the people who went before me were drunk girls with their clothes falling off. (i.e, a real crowd pleaser) Me on the other hand, I was totally sober and making a strategy the whole time. Sure enough, that bull was mine, at least for a good 30 seconds. The whole bar was cheering for me. Awesome.

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