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Monday, November 06, 2006

Today I launched the first website of its kind, It's a student resource for how to have a fun but safe spring break. The whole idea for this started last March, when I was flown down to Daytona Beach by CNN to be their safety expert for a special on spring break getaways. Just being there around the madness reminded me of my own wild spring break to South Padre, TX just a few years earlier. I reflected upon the many stupid and even dangerous things we did as co-eds, and saw other college students still engaging in those scary behaviors.

I decided it was time for a new program to add to my arsenal, and "Stayin' Alive on Spring Break" was born. I will be giving this hour program at the BACCHUS Network General Assembly this Friday in Anaheim, CA. I'm so psyched. It will have lots of great safety tips just for spring breakin' in addition to some of my signature self-defense techniqes if you're confronted by violence on vacation.

My book tour has only been over for a week, and I'm already planning the spring tour! The plan is to do the Stayin' Alive program at 10 or 20 colleges in 2007...and the best part is that we're doing a disco contest! The winner gets a FREE program during the Spring Tour at their university. So check it out:

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