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Sunday, November 19, 2006

O.J. Sucks

I'm sure you've probably heard about this, but I need to vent. (and having a blog is pretty good for that sort of thing, so here goes....) O.J. Simpson is coming out with a book soon called "If I Did It." It's supposedly a book about how O.J. would have killed his wife and her friend, Ron Goldman, had he been the actual killer. One word here...WHAT? Who does that? An innocent man? Not so much. My friend Guilia Rozzi writes a blog called "Dear Douchebag," where she writes letters to people who suck. When I heard about all this O.J. crud I thought to myself, "This would be a great Dear Douchebag letter." Turns out she was already on top of have to read this:

I've had some bad experienes with the publishing industry in my years as a writer. But giving some low-life cold blooded killer a 3.5 million book deal takes it to a new low. And the fact that FOX is going to give this man airtime and do an interview sends FOX execs a one-way ticket to hell...

People in this country are fascinated by murder. We are actually rather de-sensitized to it. I mean, how many dead bodies do people see on CSI, Law & Order and all those other crime/murder shows? At core, people are fascinated with death. But murder as entertainment is becoming more and more popular, and as someone who has sat through a real murder trial of a loved one, I can assure you it's not so sexy. Kneeling over a casket of a murdered loved one isn't so fascinating either.

So you might be saying, what should I do? It's more like, "What shouldn't you do." Don't buy the book. Don't read it. Don't watch the interview. And if you're feeling a bit more proactive, go the exta mile and follow the advice below given by my friend Jo Gillett, Exec. Producer of the TV show "Predators." (Hosted by Denise Brown, Nicole Brown Simpson's sister and domestic violence advocate.)

You can help to make a difference; please help turn this evil for good by donating the money you would have spent on this book to a local women’s shelter in your area. To find a domestic violence program in your area, please use this link:

Please help support us in our efforts and forward this letter on to all! The e-mail address for feedback at FOX is:

Please also visit:

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