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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Linda Trinh Update

As many of you may recall (since I blogged about it before), an Alpha Phi named Linda Trinh was murdered at her apartment at Johns Hopkins University in January 2005. I was personally involved with this case, after Alpha Phi headquarters contacted me to help this chapter of women to get through losing a sister to homicide. This is an area where I unfortunately have a lot of expertise. Meeting those girls brought up a lot of old emotions from the first days and weeks after losing Shannon. On the drive back from Baltimore to New Jersey I was obviously unfit to drive. I got a speeding ticket going 92 in a 65. My mind was elsewhere, and I've since learned that driving and going through some heavy emotional stuff is not a very good combination.

The good news is that today Linda's killer plead guilty. This means there will be no trial, which is honestly the only ray of light in the entire situation. Sitting through two weeks of a murder trial for the man who killed Shannon still ranks as the worst in my entire life. So I'm glad the Trinh's will at least have the peace of knowing the guy has been found, and admits his guilt. He will be sentenced in January.

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