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Saturday, November 11, 2006

BACCHUS Conference - Anaheim, CA

What a fun few days this has been. On Thursday, I flew from New Jersey to Anaheim, CA for the Annual BACCHUS General Assembly. Now I go to a lot of conferences every year, but this is by far my favorite. The reason is because all the students and faculty who attend are focused on one thing: Peer Education. They want to share messages with other college students about safe sex, drinking education, mental health and violence prevention. These are the cats who aren't just proactive themselves, but make it their perogitive to help others too.
I was selected this year to do a featured session, which took place yesterday afternoon. It was my first time rolling out the brand new program, "Stayin' Alive on Spring Break." And oh yes, there were The BeeGees blaring in the background. Peeps were psyched because I gave out free books to the first 40 students in attendance. Bonus! I only had an hour, but we covered a fair amount of material in regards to staying safe on spring break but still having a blast. Pictured above is me and the Ross Man, a.k.a. Ross Szabo, a.k.a. Youth Outreach Director for, a.k.a. former Backstreet Boy (lookalike) and a.k.a. one of my fave Scary Bad Guys of all time. Clearly this man wears lots of hats.
Anytime these conferences take place, all of us speakers from my bureau CAMPUSPEAK have such a blast. For many of us, we're really tight friends but only see each other a few times a year. (since we're always traveling) Ironically, the times we do see each other are often not in either one of our home towns! Pictured above are some of my faves from the CAMPUSPEAK gang: L-R: TJ Sullivan, Shawn Decker and Darren Roth (marketing director).

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