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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

W Networking

Yesterday I made the 7 hour drive from Charlottesville, VA back up to New Jersey. While that's a pretty long drive, I always look at it as a good opportunity to do some real thinking. Today I was all about catching up on my life back at home, including taking a relaxing yoga class and sifting through a whole lotta mail. Tonight I had the opportunity to host a networking event at my Hoboken studio for the W Networking group. It's a bunch of women who are entrepreneurs in the area, and we gather once a month at someone in the group's business venue. Tonight they showed up at 6:30, and we enjoyed wine and awesome food. Then I gave an hour talk and interactive demo on some cool ass kickin' moves. It was wine and whoop-ass indeed! See the gang chillin' at my studio in the pic above. A big thanks to the organizer, Ellen (far bottom left in the magenta shirt), and the rest of the ladies who came out.

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