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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Toyota Conference - Kentucky

Sunday evening I flew from New Jersey to Lexington, KY for a two day women's conference sponsored by Toyota. What a crazy Southern time. The opening speaker was bestselling author Rhonda Rich ("What Southern Women Know That Every Woman Should"), and the lunchtime entertainment program was Wynona Judd. (Pictured above) Not being a country gal myself, I had never been a big Wynona fan. But she was good, and she had a healthy message of loving oneself and taking the time to take care of YOU first. She performed a very cool song called "Peace in This House" that gave me the chills.

I met some really interesting people, and the other speakers at the conference were a total hoot. All my scary bad guys for the events were hilarious. There was Archie, the hotel security guard who physically ran from the room when the program was over. Then there was Kim, a big wig guy over at Toyota, then two other poor souls who got suckered in. Overall, a good time was had by all. A big thanks to Toyota for being so proactive for women. A very impressive comany indeed. I'll be working on my Southern accent...'till then, see y'all later!

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