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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Well happy halloween, friends! Today me and Zoe (my pug) dressed up as angels. Okay, so I didn't have time to make wings...and Zoe was certainly not into the halo I made for her. So perhaps the average person on the street thought we were just sparkly sprites wearing white after Labor Day and too much body glitter. But I noticed overall that people were nicer to me in my angel costume. One angry cab driver was not going to let me out of my parking spot, but then he noticed my halo and waved me in front of him. How sweet.

Halloween is a fun holiday, and therefore should be celebrated. Life's too short not to! Therefore me and my two sidekicks/assistants went out to lunch on the main drag in Hoboken in full costume. From L-R: Lori Katz, who was dressed as Elvis. Me, an angel. Tiffany Loertscher, a cowgirl. Today was Tiff's last official day as my program coordinator. She did such an awesome job holding down the fort through my book tour. Here's wishing her lots of luck as she pursues some other cool opportunities and then heads back to college. From here out, Lori will be taking over...looking forward to it! (By the way, the pic above was taken by this lady dressed up as a Dutch woman, with the wooden shoes and everything...I guess she thought the tops of our heads were optional.)

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