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Friday, October 20, 2006

Clemson University - SC

Well this week I certainly spent a fair amount of time in the South. Yesterday I flew down to Clemson, South Carolina to speak to a whopping 1100 people! This was a champion of even my biggest and best Britney nights. Here is the auditorium empty:
And now here it is full, with everyone in the room saying, "Stop. Leave me alone. I don't want any problems." (And yes, I actually stopped mid program, asked the audience if it was okay if I took a picture and they said yes...hence this photo. What a rock star I am...)

This program was particularly powerful because many women in this audience knew my pain of losing a friend tragically to homicide. My loyal blog readers may remember me writing about Tiffany Sauers last summer. Tiffany was murdered at her off campus apartment at Clemson by a Florida sex offender. It was a random attack. The killer saw her sitting on her porch and just decided she would be his victim. He later broke into her apartment while she was sleeping and killed her. So incredibly senseless and sad. So for this program, there were a lot of teary eyes as I shared Shannon's story. A big thanks to the event organizer, Eli Kerr, for taking care of logistics and also for being my scary bad guy! See us below.

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