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Thursday, September 21, 2006

WPI - Worcester, MA

Today I caught an early flight to Boston. And let me tell you, if you're coming to Boston anytime soon...beware of the Big Dig traffic! Total insanity. They are closing off tunnels and re-routing people through the city. A nice scenic drive, but a little wierd. A big thank-you goes out to my fellow speaker and road warrior, Mark Sterner, who warned me of this!

Drove to Worcester, about an hour from downtown Boston. I spoke tonight at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, which I visited about two years ago. It was funny, because I started out the program by saying that I had been there before, and the whole crowd was nodding. So I asked them, "Did anyone see me speak the last time I was here?" Literally, the ENTIRE crowd raised their hands! Kinda made me wish I had thought of some new jokes...

The photo above is an action shot of a palm strike. A big thanks to my scary bad guy for this program, adorably named "Cookie."

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