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Monday, September 25, 2006

Western Illinois - Macomb, IL

Well the organizers of the program at WIU only set up chairs for 200 people...and 480 attended! Holy moly, I had another Britney Spears Night! The crowd was awesome, as was my scary bad guy, Greg.

This was a program I've been looking forward to. WIU is the school of another young, female author I have become friends with named Erin Merryn. Her book is called Stolen Innocence and is actually her teen diary which tells her story of her sexual abuse by her cousin. What a courageous and inspiring gal...she was recently on Montel and Good Morning America, and I wish her all the success in the world in spreading her message of opening up and talking about abuse. She had a lot to do with bringing me to campus, so holla Erin! I'd also like to thank Courtney, who is an R.A. on campus who found my website and was determined to bring me to Western. Another holla goes out to Janine, the director of the women's center, who did such an awesome job planning logistics and even took us to dinner. So great meeting all of you, and I hope to be back soon. (Photo above, L-R: Erin Merryn, me and Courtney)

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