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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Travel Day

This was a wild travel day. Got up early, and drove 2 and a half hours back to the Greensboro, NC airport. The drive took me through middle VA down into NC, and through the mountains. The day was insanely foggy and rainy, and as I decended into some mountain valleys, I was enveloped by the thickest, creepiest fog I've ever seen. I wanted to take a picture of it for this blog, but I figured I'd probably die in the I decided against it.

Hopped on a flight to Newark, NJ to catch my connecting flight to Phoenix, AZ. On the plane ride to AZ, I saw a gorgeous sunset. (See below.) Even in the midst of insane and stressful travel, it's so important to relish in the beauty of the journey...

Landed in Phoenix, got my rental car and then drove 2 hours to Tucson. Marathon travel day, huh? Time to hit the hay...

But before I go, I found this article online today that was in the Virginia Tech newspaper about last night's program: READ IT.

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