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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Road Trip

Today I drove 8 hours from Macomb, IL to Cincinnati, OH with a several hour stopover in Urbana, IL. I had to stop because I've been deprived of a decent internet connection for a few days, and I needed to blog and return the bazillions of emails I've received since embarking on this wild tour. I was on the prowl for a Panera Bread (free internet) or a Starbucks (T-mobile hot spot for $10 a day). I was literally getting off at exits, prowling the streets like a creepy wierdo in a scary van looking for my target. Thankfully I found one. By the end of that drive, I was getting a little delirious. On the final stretch to my hotel, I saw a sign for a Waffle House nearby and almost lost my mind...I was so happy. Tomorrow, Waffle House will be mine. Oh yes, all mine! Mu ha ha ha!

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