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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Johnson & Wales - Denver, CO

Yesterday was a big day. Most of the morning I spent recovering from the night before, and getting prepared for the Fox News interview. We shot the interview downtown Denver around 3 pm, and wow, I have new respect for people who shoot satellite interviews. It's crazy awkward. You have an earpiece in one ear, and are instructed to speak straight into the camera. There wasn't a monitor for me to look at, so I had no idea when I was on camera or wasn't. And the funny thing I found was how much you miss from a conversation when you can't read a person's body language, in my case, the host Kimberly Guifoyle. All in all it was a cool experience, and it aired last night on The Lineup at 9 pm EST. I have not seen it yet, but based on the MASSIVE flooding of online book orders and people wanting workshops in their ares, I'm assuming it turned out well.

Next up was speaking at Johnson & Wales last night. This was my kickoff college gig of the tour, so a lot had built up to this. What a fantastic crowd, and SO supportive. It was several hundred freshman, half guys & half girls, and man did we have a blast. The first 100 women in attendance enjoyed their bag of free beauty samples, donated by the official tour sponsor, Bed Head. Below is the crowd showing off their killer boundary setting skills.

Several of my CAMPUSPEAK friends came out to see the gig, and we took some fun pics afterward. Below is me and the Exec. Director of CAMPUSPEAK, Tracy Maxwell. For those of you who read this blog regularly, you know she's a dear friend of mine and is battling ovarian cancer. We thought it would be appropriate to dedicate a picture to "Baldies Fight Back!"

Overall, I can't think of anything else that would have made yesterday a better kick-off to my book tour. Today I shall enjoy Denver and play in the mountains, only to be on the road again tomorrow...

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