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Monday, September 18, 2006

Iowa State

Tonight I spoke at Iowa State in Ames, IA. I was initially introduced to these wonderful folks by my good friend and commander of the detective unit there, Gene. I met him through my mentor Bob Martin at last years Association of Threat Assessment Professsionals conference. What a fantastic guy! He wrote a stellar review that's on the back of my book...I'm so grateful to know such awesome people like Gene.

The crowd was big...several hundred, although I'm not good at staring at a crowd and making good guesses. There were quite a few guy in attendance, which I thought was very cool. And they were really into it! Lately I've been finding that men are just as into this stuff as women, since they are at risk of being attacked too...just in different ways. Check out this action shot of me demonstrating the powers of the self-defense keychain!

These students were so filled with positive energy, hope and activism...THEY inspired ME! So thanks to everyone who set this up, especially Kris Olds. Check out this attractive bunch!

After the program I hit the road again, and drove 2 hours to Iowa City, since my next stop (Eastern Illinois Univ.) is 7 hours away. Thought it might be a good idea to break up the drive a bit.

CLICK HERE to read an article all about my Iowa visit.

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